Industry Experts With Experience Building Brands

Concept 21 is a global strategy and design consultancy in the footwear industry. We bring iconic ideas to market by providing a fresh perspective that expands a brand’s potential. We partner with clients to push the realm of possibility, evoke excellence in the product we produce, and enhance the consumer’s experience.


Concept 21’s journey began in 1982, shortly after Brent James’ departure from the inner workings of Nike. During his 6 years at Nike, Brent became an influential member of the young company’s growth by pioneering footwear manufacturing in Asia to develop breakthrough products that defined this prominent brand.

Eventually, Brent’s entrepreneurial spirit prevailed and set out explore new opportunities to apply his passion for building great product. Quickly gaining clients, Concept 21 became known as the team to turn for invigorating a brand through strategy and industry-leading design.

With excellence, unique vision, and passion as the main drivers of the business, Brent and his small team were able design, develop, and deliver some of the most iconic and innovative products the industry has seen.

2008 was a year of expansion and new opportunity for Concept 21 with Jane Zheng becoming a partner in the firm. Under her leadership, the consultancy  grew its operations in China by building a new office, boasting 45 employees, and the addition of China-based clients.

With both Los Angeles and China-based operations, Concept 21 is able to provide end-to-end service for its clients and is one of the few footwear consultancies with such capabilities.

We look forward continuing to work with the top brands in the world, delivering quality product to consumers. We see so much potential for innovation in the footwear industry and are motivated to make these ideas a reality.