Discovering "It" - Tips To Build A Strong Brand

Once you’ve developed the message and story that drives your brand, you can start to focus on the more specific, concrete details regarding your product or service. What is it you are selling that will communicate your brand story? How will your product achieve those long-term goals you set for your company? To answer those questions, start by defining the key features of your product that will make it unique to consumers. Consider each of the features listed below:

  • Design - What is the look and feel of your product?
  • Function - What does your product accomplish? How does it work?
  • Materials - Where / how will you source your materials?
  • Construction - How is the product made? What steps were taken to consider sustainability, durability, or enhanced performance?
  • Product Life Cycle - What is the experience you will have for the life of the product? How long do you expect the product to last?
  • Production Cost - How much will it cost to create your product?
  • Product Price - How much will your product sell for?
  • Distribution Channels - Where will you sell your product? Do you have pre-established relationships or are you n ew to this channel? (This will affect access to your product)

    In addition to detailing your answer to each of those list items, you should also be able to define what your product category is. This is relevant because knowing what existing products and services you are competing with will allow you to define what is unique about your creation. How will it stand out? The characteristics you prioritize depend on the product type and category. Perhaps your product’s quality is not dependent on the physical design, but on where it comes from or how it is produced. Many clothing brands today are choosing to focus on their source materials to stand out from competitors and to appeal to their consumer niches. In the next step of the Brand Bible, we’ll go more in-depth into defining your consumer niche and really concretizing who your product and brand is targeting. 

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