About Concept 21


Concept 21 is a global strategy and design consultancy in the footwear industry. We bring iconic ideas to market for our clients by providing a fresh perspective that expands a brand's potential. We believe that each brand must have its own unique voice, great design is paramount, and commercializing great footwear concepts is an art form.

Under the leadership of Brent James, an industry expert with 40 years of experience, Concept 21’s specialty is in our ability to turn ideas into reality. Having worked with the top brands in the industry, we strive to produce your customers' favorite shoe in their closet.  Here are some of the brands we have worked with:


What's Inside The Report

40 Years of Knowledge Applied to This Year's Report


Considered the 'executive summary of the industry', this document focuses on the current trends of the athletic footwear industry. Unlike other trend reports that are purely fact-based, the 2017 Impact Report by Concept 21 provides a perspective that executives, managers, and sales reps can put to practical use.  

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For Industry Professionals

This report is created by industry experts for industry experts.  Unlike larger trend reporting companies, our report is exclusively for the footwear industry. Footwear is what we do. 


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The Insights You Need

There are tons of reports out there that will give you the facts. We find that facts can’t tell the whole story and is why we have positioned this report to be a healthy blend of facts and industry insights. 

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Applied To Real Brands

We have created these reports for over a decade to help our company make good business decisions for our clients. Now this report is available to you. 

Summary Presentation

The Footwear Impact Report provides inspiration and insights, for industry professionals in athletic footwear. This report  will provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions in this demanding market. With the athletic industry going through a major shift, there has never been a more important time to stay informed. The report focuses on the sports consumer and how to best, design, manufacture, market, and sell to them. 

Featured in the 45 page report, readers will find:

  • 5 chapters that dive into how trends are impacting aspects of athletic footwear brands
  • Comprehensive summaries after each chapter with key takeaways clearly outlined
  • List of resources to reference for additional reading 
  • Statistics and graphs that outline the major trends
  • Perspectives and insight into this changing industry
  • A comprehensive conclusion by the Founder and CCO of Concept  21



"The Footwear Impact Report is a welcome whack on the head for a small growing brand that is swimming hard to keep up with growth.  Between trips to Asia, visits to National Accounts and supporting employees and customers it is often hard to look up and think about the future.  C21 helps us to open our eyes, and our minds, to the future.  It is a roadmap to opportunity."

-Helen Rockey
CEO At See Kai Run

“I have know Brent for 25 years, and have the highest degree for his respect for his work in the footwear industry, especially in athletics. Unlike others, he combines an incredible ability to build shoe from scratch,  yet gets the big picture and strategy better than anyone than I know in the industry.”

-Michael Fine
NorthStar Management Partners, LLC
Former Senior VP At Payless

"The Impact Report is an executive summary for the industry. Sales reps, retailers and executives will find this report to be valuable. The report synthesizes facts and brings out the pertinent information. It’s a perfect blend of published facts and Brent's perspective of the industry."

-Skip Lei
Owner of Evergreen Innovations, LLC
Employee at Nike for 31 years

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