After our success launching Angel Cabada’s previous brand  Supra (founded in 2005), he turned to Concept 21 to be a partner in his new venture, Cu4tro. Together we recognized an opportunity to build versatile product that combined performance technology with high fashion.

Concept 21 played an integral role in defining the market opportunity and building the brand’s strategy, achieving significant growth in the first year.

We worked closely with the brand in developing footwear platforms that were timeless in their design and easily adjustable to suite future material trends. Additionally, we helped introduce an industry leading midsole technology that produced an amazing ride and all day comfort. Staying true to our versatile DNA, we engineered a new last that combined the best aspects of a performance fit with a casual feel.

Since our launch in November 2016, we have attracted the interest of several celebrities including  Justin Bieber, Chad Muska, Ben Baller and others. Furthermore, Cuatro is represented in all of the Zumiez stores where the brand continues to see growth.