Having recently launched one of fastest growing skate apparel brands in the world, the founders of Krew, a high-end skate apparel line, were interested in diversifying their product offering, and so decided to launch Supra as a separate footwear brand.

Ordinary skate shoes did not meet the founders ideal level of performance for the demanding sport, and so they set out to produce the most high-end, high-performance skate shoe on the market. In order to handle the excessive impact that skaters subject their feet to on concrete surfaces, Krew designers incorporated neoprene in the toe cap and utilized an integrated polyurethane footbed for increased shock absorption.

Certainly Supra’s demand for quality set them apart from other skate brands, but what was most striking was the use of vibrant colors and exotic materials. Not only was this a complete departure from the norm in the skate industry, their unique styling also rocked the entire footwear industry, grabbing the attention of the top brands and celebrities.

Concept 21 worked with Supra from the inception of the idea, eventually serving all of their commercialization needs, including sourcing factories, product development, sampling, and logistics. Over the course of the eight-year relationship, Concept 21 served the brand as it grew from $0 – $140 million in annual global sales.