Filling Pieces: Designing For The Sake Of Design

This week we look at the latest from one of most progressive, fashion-streetwear sneaker brands, Filling Pieces. This Amsterdam-based footwear company is best known for producing high quality and original designs at reasonable prices.

Last month, they dropped their newest collection, “Inner Circle”. Founder, Guillaume Philibert, explains that this collection is “...our creative space where we design without boundaries or expectations, without limitations that could stem creativity”.The collection is open ended, and serves as a test bed to explore new ideas designed for Guillaume, his friends, and those that helped grow the brand over the last five years.

“We have no clue how it will move forward, but that’s also the beauty of it There is no masterplan behind Inner Circle”

Though many brands claim to be innovative, whether from a design, materials, or performance point of view, the truth is that very few are. In fact, most brands are generally more risk averse in creating new designs, and usually makes safe decision in order to drive sales. This is a very logical approach to maintaining a brand who is already successful,  particularly if it's a brand who competes on style or fashion as it’s nearly impossible to always stay on trend. The boom and bust nature of fashion is extremely challenging, especially when trying to maintain a profitable footwear company.

In this light, we applaud Filling Pieces for making a stand to push design. Not only is it refreshing to see, it’s also quite bold to remove the restraints typically placed on footwear design in exchange for complete freedom.  Above anything else, Guillaume’s openness and desire to push the boundaries of design is why the the Runner 3.0 made our list of the top shoe of the week.

What we like about the shoe:

  • Combination of high fashion, streetwear, and athleisure wear

  • Use of rubberized neoprene with a matt finish that gives it a very luxurious feel

  • Laces are only used as an artful touch.