Steph Curry Lux: Under Armour's Move To Lifestyle

Image Source: Hypebeast

Image Source: Hypebeast

Under Armour is cementing its presence in lifestyle athletic footwear with the recent release of the Steph Curry Lux Collection. Though much younger than Nike and Adidas, Under Armour continues to steadily gain market share and has proven to be progressive, innovative, and current.  They have managed to attract top-tier athletes and entertainers like Stephen Curry, Dwayne Johnson, and Michael Phelps, as part of their marketing efforts. These partnerships have proven to help Under Armour gain traction and develop a relevant brand.

Even though Under Armour has a long road ahead of them, this recent example proves that they understand the styling and design cues required to stay relevant with the ever-growing athleisure trend. The Stephen Curry Lux Collection is simple, yet sophisticated; and with the use of tonal colors and quality leathers, Under Armour is moving onto the right path towards making a big impact in the lifestyle segment.

By partnering with, and leveraging influencers, focusing on lifestyle fashion, and integrating into cultural hubs, Under Armour seems to be adopting some of the key attributes in successful brands today

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Image Source: Hypebeast