Peace on Earth – by Peter Moore

Peace on Earth – by Peter Moore


As we kick off the New year, designer and illustrator, Peter Moore shares his thoughts on spreading peace and light in the midst of current events. Peter is a long-time mentor of mine and famous for creating many iconic footwear assets for Nike and adidas, including Air, Jordan, and adidas Equipment. Enjoy this guest post and thank you for following us into 2016. Best wishes, Brent James



To begin, let’s face it, the world we live in is a complete mess – craziness is everywhere. l’m not going to try and explain it. Even if I had an explanation, I wouldn’t try. I can only say that it has been another year where the concept of peace has been completely forgotten, overrun, and abused. The result of this is I have forgotten about the events of this year. Instead, I have an idea. 

My idea is based on the problem as I see it. The fundamental problem is not one of power, or of land, or even of oil, or money. The problem as I see it is far more historic and personal. The problem seems to be one of religion or religions.

That’s not only historical, it is ironic and scary at the same time.

Think about this…It is true that it isn’t just Muslims – Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and even Buddhists have gotten involved in one kind of conflict or another, usually abusing some other religious type. Now if you agree, or even think this is an interesting thought, then you may agree with my idea.

The idea started years ago with my interest in peace, and how to promote it and make it happen. So for years, instead of a Christmas card, or a “Season’s Greetings” card, I made a peace poster and wished everyone “Peace”. As a Christian (Catholic to be specific), “peace on Earth, goodwill toward man”, was Christmas.

So, my idea is simply to return to that idea and expand it into other religions, since religions seem to be the problem. Imagine that each religion in the world picks a day in December that is a Day of Peace…some religions already have holidays in December; The Jewish religion celebrates Hanukkah, which is not a major holiday for them (so I have read), but maybe it could be with the concept of “Peace on Earth”. I did not look at all the religions of the world, but if they all got involved, you could surely fill up the month of December with days of peace. Imagine the entire month of December devoted to peace. That just might start something that could not be stopped. I know that ISIS, or whatever they call themselves, does not desire peace – rather, they see themselves as the beginning of Armageddon. However, if the whole world is on this program, I have to believe that the people running their program will have to answer some tough questions from the faithful who do their dirty work. Can they really believe they are smarter than the whole world? Where is that written?

Sometimes good ideas start small, and that is the case with this one. But if you look at the print, Christianity started in a very small place with no big announcement, just a mother and child…

With that, enjoy your holidays, and may peace and goodwill find you and yours throughout 2016.

Peter Moore