Top New Apps From 2015

Top New Apps From 2015

In today’s world, hundreds of new apps are created every day. Regardless of which industry,  it seems like everyone is building an app. 

In the beginning of app development, anyone with a bit of tech-savviness could download some tools, read some books or take some classes and then whip up an app. But today’s app market is much different, the market is flooded with new apps, and customers now expect a high level of refinement from the apps they chose.

While we are excited to see so much creativity and passion being generated in this sphere, we set out to find the top apps that were most useful for brands. We wanted to highlight apps that solve real problems and save time. The list we have gathered for our Top Five Apps are those that are directly applicable to some aspect of everyday operations, and that improve systems, or enhance speed and efficiency.

Here are our top five picks for new apps that we think we think are not only innovative, smart, but actually really useful:

Askwonder  is an information gathering app. You have a specific question that would require a significant amount of your time to research and find the answer to, and need an answer ASAP. Perhaps you need materials for a presentation, or specifics for an in-depth blog, or stats about a niche market. can get you the answer, for about $20 per question/topic. How it works: You sign up for the service, you ask your question. Based on the nature of the topic, the question is then assigned to a member of their research team who then scours the web, reads through the information to check for accuracy and then sends the best information directly to your inbox. This service can save you loads of time that would have otherwise been dedicated to researching and fact checking. Instead, the information is sent to you and you start your task about 10 steps ahead of the game.

TrackR – Atlas

“Effortless organizing for all your belongings” Does the following statement escape your mouth often “I lose my keys all the time.”  How about this one: “I just set that down a second ago and now I can’t find it” Losing things like keys or your cell phone or your wallet are the biggest deal unless you happen to be rushing out the door for an important appointment – which is inevitably when you will do so. Well, now for $25 you can say ‘adios’ to that problem. By attaching a TrackR to your belongings, you can find anything in seconds using just your smartphone. The coin-sized device can be attached to just about anything you would like to track. 


The first affiliate program for crowdfunding campaigns. it was built to help simplify the marketing aspect of crowdfunding campaigns. It allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign, providing incentive for backers to share and promote their campaign. Why this app is useful for brands: These days, more and more brands are leveraging crowdfunding to test new ideas. They use the crowdfunding platforms to test the market and see if their idea is viable. If the campaign is successful, they not only have the cash to fund the idea, they have market validation before ever beginning production.


This app makes building a quality app made easier and faster than ever. With an elite team of what they themselves call “the top 1% software developers,” Gigster is equipped to handle all your development needs from a complete buildout of your app to a short sprint to perfect a given feature. Their team can work in every/any platform and language and can take your product from the prototype phase to the complete finished product. In a world where everyone is building an app, this is a service that can ensure yours stands out from the crowd.


This app makes custom photos for marketing purposes. Simply search a topic area and get tons of authentic, top quality and royalty free photos. These images are for purchase, but with Snapwire’s community of over 200,000 photographers, it’s worth the cost to ensure your marketing materials are polished, unique and of high quality. We like the diversity of images available and that they allow for search refinement by things like price and pixel size and can also help you get started with pre-categorized images to search through. In a time when your brand’s images say everything, this is a service worth exploring.

Did we miss something great? Lets us know what your favorite apps are in the comments below!

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