Strategic Consulting

Trends and Insights

Winning strategies start with powerful insights.   

We deliver quantitative analysis and industry insights to help brands make informed decisions on consumer and industry specific trends. Our customized reports provide detailed analysis for strategic planning, product strategy and market opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Future forward brands powered by industry leading strategies

We help brands assess their products, sourcing and business processes to identify opportunities for revenue growth and/or margin improvement. Additionally we assess go to market strategy by way of in depth review of analytics, competitor comparisons and market insights to identify opportunities to refine, grow and/or adjust a brands strategy.

Revitalizing Brands

Is your brand not connecting with your customers? We help existing brands develop strategies to achieve high growth and traction in the marketplace.

Concept 21 has the experience and expertise to provide growth opportunities for brands. We work with our clients’ leadership team to identify areas of improvement and employ strategies to achieve desired growth goals. We focus on the consumer’s relationship with the brand as they relate to the following key areas: branding, product, digital and physical retail. Our results in working with Brooks highlights our ability to achieve increased growth.

Related services include – brand audit, market research, industry insights, trend reports, strategic planning, product strategy, merchandising, and retail strategy

Brand Extension

Looking to launch a new product category? Maybe your brand is interested in launching into footwear for the first time. We help brands expand their product offering quickly and efficiently.

Concept 21 has the resources, capabilities, and experience to fully launch a new category for a brand. Oftentimes it takes years and extensive resources to scale into a new product category. This yields a high risk investment for a brand.

When working with Concept 21, we have the agility and internal resources to fully implement the launch for a brand and provide continued operational support thereafter. This includes the development of a brand strategy, all the way through to delivering production orders to your distribution centers.

Our office in China and our extensive manufacturing relationships allow us to move quickly and sustain production efforts at any scale. Our regular check-ins with account managers ensure that the we are servicing our clients and addressing their customer’s needs.  We have worked successfully with Nike in this capacity to launch their value brand, Starter.

Disruptive Innovation

What to significantly elevate your brand? We help to identify and execute strategies to make your brand an innovation leader.

Concept 21 works with key stakeholders to implement breakthrough product strategies. This can include: a complete refresh of a brand’s product line, making critical adjustments to the business model, suggesting cultural changes inside the organization, and/or developing innovative products that truly set a brand apart. Additionally, we help brands increase their speed to market by implementing our rapid product development practices.

In our work with Sanuk, we helped them develop an entirely new type of footwear category, the Sidewalk Surfer. This part-sandal/part-shoe helped differentiate them from other surf brands, cementing them as a leader in their category.

Related services include – Innovation portfolio creation, business model innovation, disruptive product ideation, development and commercialization and product innovation.

Footwear Startups

Launching a footwear startup? We help new footwear brands from concept all the way through to production.

Concept 21 has acted as a valuable partner for many startups. Our agility and diversity allows us to serve the needs of startups comprehensively, from refinement of the initial idea, assistance in raising capital, through to delivering the first product line to customers. Building footwear is resource-intensive and is why at times it can be very expensive to launch and build footwear. In most cases our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5,000 pair per model, with 1,300 pair per colorway.