Research and Development

Concept 21 uses its extensive footwear development expertise as well as industry engineers and chemists to commercialize new technologies. Throughout our history as a consultancy we have developed new footwear closure systems, pioneered radical manufacturing technologies, and brought to market new cushioning foams. We have several groundbreaking technologies in development as well. We help brands commercialize existing technology concepts, integrate our existing technology portfolio, or initiate new technology concepts.


R-MAT consistently scores above EVA on abrasion resistance, static & kinetic coefficients of friction, and compression sets. Some of the qualities are even better than rubber, without the weight. R-MAT is lighter than rubber. When you plant your foot and cut, R-MAT grabs faster, harder, and longer.

If you would like to see detailed data sets of tests from accredited test facilities, please reach out below and we will get back to you shortly. (Test results are from a comparison of R-MAT 55C vs. EVA 55c conducted by a third party laboratory.)